"Pop Goes the World"

(by Men Without Hats) Pop Goes the World - The Silver Collection

In case you've been missing some randomness on this little blog, have I got a treat for you today: this post is full of it! First of all: the song. For some reason, nobody I know seems to remember this song. But it was one of my favorites! Since I've been in an 80's mood again this week, you get to reap the benefit of my random musical favorites of times past. It could have been worse, though! Both my iPod & phone needed to be charged one day, but I can only charge one at a time in the van. Obviously, the phone was priority. Fortunately for me, I had Elly's Radio Disney Jams, Vol. 11 CD in the van. Fortunately for YOU, I didn't listen to it enough for any of the songs to beat out this lovely one! :) Anyways, I don't really know what the video is about, or the song either. But I like it. Please don't judge me.

On to other randomness...I had the song "Puttin' on the Ritz" on my mind for an entire day this week! My friend Gary Cooper came over to tint the windows upstairs ('cuz that's what he does), so of course I ended up with his song on my mind. (In case you forgot, he is one of the original people in my "friends' theme songs" craziness). Then I spent the rest of the day with his lovely wife & found myself continuing to hum it. It made me think that she needs a song of her own, but I don't know what it would be quite yet...

So there's this stuff called "rain" that fell from the sky this week. I don't know if you've heard of it, but we definitely haven't seen it much this year. You would've thought it was snowing when Cody got off the bus! He was so excited that he changed out of his uniform & headed straight for the back yard to play in it! He took a pitcher outside to catch rain water (I don't know why. He's 10. Does that explain it?) He'll probably have to go to counseling for this when he's grown, but I had to share his "rain catching" outfit with y'all:

While I'm on the subject of Cody, I have to tell y'all about a little incident that happened a couple of weeks ago. He & Alex had a water fight outside, & I found out during dinner that they'd had a little MUD fight, too. I inspected the yard to find out where they found mud & saw where they had completely messed up a section of the grass that I've been trying to grow the entire time we've lived here. {It's right by the spot where I transplanted some grass a few weeks ago, of course!}

I was a little upset (but for the record, Chris thought I handled it well!) & had a little talk with him about thinking through his actions. After going back outside to get a closer look, I came back inside to find that the boys were starting their showers (without being asked). Afterward, they brought me this LEGO creation:

{How sweet is that? And seriously, how could you be mad after a LEGO apology?!}

And finally, in case you were picturing a granny swimsuit in my last MIS-series post, I've now added a picture...



Zion said…
Is that Elizabeth in the swimsuit picture?! I love the lego apology. You're right, you can't get mad after that. Also, it looks like your yard has the fence posts facing inward or maybe a mixture, but either way is fine. I was worried on my last post that I might offend someone that had their fence the opposite way. We have a little mixture in our backyard because our neighbor put their fence up first. All that to say, your yard and fence look great. Sorry about the mud.
I don't know that song... but it does have a fun beat. lol Love the rain catching outfit! That is a great moment to capture! :) A lego apology... aww... so sweet.
janachelle said…
Um, I hate to point out when someone is wrong because at least ONE of your friends knows this song! I also have no idea what it's about but I definitely remember it! And I love the Lego apology.
oh my gosh, a LEGO APOLOGY! i have to show my 8 yo son this b/c he is a lego FREAK! this song makes me feel old b/c i totally remember this rad song and then i gagged myself with a spoon!

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