"Psalm 139"

(by Rebecca St. James) Psalm 139 - The Ultimate Collection: Rebecca St. James

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"You search me
You know me
You see my every move
There's nothing I could ever do
To hide myself from You
You know my thoughts
My fears and hurts
My weaknesses and pride
You know what I am going through
And how I feel inside

But even though You know
You will always love me
Even though You know
You'll never let me go
I don't deserve Your love
But you give it freely
You will always love me
Even though You know..."

I had a great trip with my dad, but you'll have to wait a day or two to hear about it. I got a call from Magi asking if I could work today, so I'm about to go in for a few hours. I should be sleeping, but...Anyways, I look forward to blogging about the trip soon, but I'll go ahead & warn you now: there were no MIS-series worthy incidents! {I know ~ shocker!} There were roosters, though. & I have a picture to prove it.

Here's another song that is just too good not to post. I was reading Psalm 139 today, and it came to mind. I know that you've probably read that psalm a thousand times, but it's worth reading again! I hope God speaks His truth to you through it today!



Brooke said…
a rooster? this i have to hear about! :P
Beautiful song! Wonderful Psalm. Can't wait to hear about the trip with your dad... sounds fun! :)
Zion said…
What a great verse. Can't wait to hear about the trip.

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