(by BarlowGirl) Pedestal

OK, I'm going to go there again. I'm bringing up something controversial in pop culture, like when I talked about Amy songs...

Can I just say that I'm tired of seeing sweet little Disney stars feel the need to "grow up" & express themselves provocatively?! I know this isn't her first time to do something risque, but seriously?! Miley's latest video is all the uproar right now. I know that there really is no need to have one more person's opinion out there, but I decided to give mine anyways! I just don't get it. Why do girls think that they have to do this type of thing in order to be considered a grown up? I realize that they're trying to appeal to a different crowd, but is that really the way to do it?

I know there are a lot of people out there defending her actions. It's mostly parents of preteens who disagree with what she's doing. In all honesty, parents shouldn't expect somebody in Hollywood to be a role model for their children. Shame on any parent who puts a celebrity up on a pedestal. As a parent of a preteen though, I understand the desire to have artists that are considered "safe" for your kids to watch &/or listen to. & I am disappointed by the message that Miley is portraying to her young fans ~ not only the preteens, but the teenagers as well. She claims that she is being who she is, but it's sad to me that a young lady [who has claimed to be a Christian] thinks that this is who she is. {& seriously, she's still only 17! Is she really a grown up yet?}



Brooke said…
i haven't seen it, but by your account i'm glad that the princess was banned from watching hannah montana over a year ago!
Anonymous said…
preach it, amy! ;)

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