"Girl Named Tennessee"


I had a bunch of preteen girls invade my house last night, so I'm going on little sleep! I'll post about my baby girl's birthday & my mister's latest eye appointment next week. For now, I'll just talk about today's song...I'm really not sure why I listened to this particular song more than any of the others. I was obviously still in a NEEDTOBREATHE mood. {Have I mentioned that I love their stuff?!} My baby girl thinks this song is weird, so maybe I played it an extra time to annoy her? No, I really don't do that type of thing! But, she did question what we were listening to on the way to school one day, and her friend (that we carpool with) giggled. I never really want to be the mom who embarrasses her kids, so I switched it. My play count would've been one higher than it showed, so apparently I like it (whether she does or not)!

I hope the rest of your weekend is lovely :)



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