"For You"

(by Michael W. Smith) For

My theme song for this past weekend should have been something about best friends, because I stayed at the home of a high school best friend while attending the wedding of a middle school best friend. It was a great weekend to reminisce! {Before I forget ~ in my last post I mentioned parking in the cactus as my only mishap, but I forgot about the skunk! Of course it couldn't have happened at some other point in the 4 hour drive, but just as we drove in to Kari's town...My mister says I swerved to hit the skunk, but I promise I swerved to avoid it! Unfortunately, my mad driving skills weren't quite enough. Eeeewww! After not having seen Karikins for a couple of years, I showed up smelling like skunk. Nice.}

Anyways, since Kari & I enjoyed reminiscing about old times, I thought I'd fill you in...

Karikins & I met when her family moved to Weimar about 20 years ago. We both wore bandanas the same way ~ not in the typical fashion, but sorta like how you wear a sweat band. {Yes, I know. Odd. But we liked to be different!} We were instant BFFs & spent a lot of time goofing around & taking random pictures! [Warning: awful early 90's fashion ahead, plus some odd things we wore to be different! Don't judge me for my terribly high-waisted &/or acid washed jeans, tie-dyed outfits, crimped hair, big bangs or choice of odd shoes!]

We made up a silly dance to today's song & were gracious enough to perform it in front of people on a regular basis!

& apparently we allowed another Amy to join in with us, too {she's the one in the middle, but you're probably smart enough to figure that out on your own}

I totally had to include these pics from a couple of fashion shows we were in (for Women's Ministry events, just in case you wondered why I never mentioned being a model ~ ha ha):

At some point, we decided it was weird that the heart was used as a symbol of love & figured the brain was really the origin of loving thoughts. So instead of "I♥U", we would say/write, "I Brain You!" Karikins made this cake for me for Valentine's Day my Senior year in high school:

There are many more stories I could share, but this has been quite lengthy already! I'll leave you with one last thing...For old time's sake, we took a couple of pictures with a random painted deer at the BBQ place where we ate lunch on Saturday:

{You can't tell, but we're imitating the look on the deer's face!}
& in case that one's just too goofy, here's a "normal" pic!

Isn't she even more beautiful today? Aw, I brain my Karikins!



AmyB said…
I love your post and old pictures. I had several "cool outfits" like the ones featured in your photographs. I am so glad you enjoyed the wedding of such a long time and dear friend. It is great to have special memories with people. Thanks for sharing your memorable fashion forward moments.
Brooke said…
LOVE the old pictures!! and there is nothing more beautiful than an old friend

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