"Come Home"

(by Bess Rogers) Come

I have had a super great week! I hope you have, too! This week I...

...thoroughly enjoyed the cooler weather (super low humidity with lows in the 50's/high of 90)

...completed two items on my list {that I will blog about soon!!}

...enjoyed pizza & game night with our friends Dan, Amanda & Isaac

...made this cute craft at MOPS:

...got my fashionABLE scarf!

...rescued my mister :)

...& listened to today's song more than any other! I'm kinda liking Bess Rogers these days!

*I hope you have a wonderful weekend!*



Brooke said…
love the puzzle picture. did you find it on a blog or was it something you thought up? i'd love a "how to". that'd make a great christmas gift!

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