"Some Enchanted Evening"

(by Harry Connick, Jr.) Some

My mister & I had a fantastic weekend in the Texas Hill Country for Michelle & Bud's wedding! It took place at The Trois Estate at Enchanted Rock (hence the song title). The evening started out a little crazy, because it started raining buckets the moment we got there! We had to park at the bottom of the hill, and they were shuttling us up to the estate at the top. {I think my only mishap of the weekend was parking in cactus, so I'd say it was a success!} I had my umbrella, but still got very wet in the half a minute it took to get from my van to the shuttle. My poor mister was soaked! As it turns out, the van that took us to the top of the hill was actually a taxi that someone had taken from town. The driver was just being nice & helping everyone out, because the estate only had one shuttle. Cool, huh? Gotta love Texas!

The wedding ended up being delayed for about an hour, because it was supposed to take place in a courtyard. Courtyard weddings & rain don't go together very well! It turned out to be a beautiful evening & a beautiful wedding, though! While the wedding party was taking pictures afterward, my mister & I explored the estate!

The downside of going to a middle school friend's wedding is that I really didn't know anyone other than Michelle & her family, and they were a little busy! But, we met a really nice couple before the wedding that we ended up sitting next to at the reception. There was another nice lady that I had met at the bridal shower, and we talked to her and her husband after the wedding. They sat on the other side of us at the reception. It worked out alright ~ and really, it's not about me! It was about these two beautiful people:

I want to thank those of you who gave your opinion on the dress! Y'all gave me the confidence I needed to not feel out of place & underdressed! As it turns out, either dress would have been fine! I chose the first one with red shoes and purse. I didn't get a picture of the entire outfit, but here I am with my mister (that's Enchanted Rock behind us ~ this pic SO doesn't do it justice!)

I'll tell you more about the rest of our weekend in another post! {I'm hoping to scan some high school pictures!}



Brooke said…
fun! :) you look gorgeous. and i'm not just saying that b/c its the dress i chose ;)
RR Mama said…
Love the picture of you and your mister! Love the dress too! Glad you had a great time. I'm still trying to recoup from the week, hence me not posting anything today. I'm so tired!!
Zion said…
I am bummed I didn't get to read your blog until after the wedding :( It's been so crazy lately, I've been a horrible blogger and a horrible reader! I have to be honest I was going to say the other one, but it was a total toss up, I liked them both. I think you look/looked great!!!

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