(by Toad the Wet Sprocket) Toad the Wet Sprocket - In Light Syrup - Brother

Today is my older brother Kerry's birthday!! I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know that I have a blog, much less that I would post about his birthday! But, I love him, and he deserves a post ~ whether he knows about it or not! He really is an awesome guy, and I'm so glad to have him as my brother. He's 15 months older than me & my only full sibling. He taught me all the rules; & though I liked to test them growing up, he never did! He really is (& has always been) such a good person. The two years that we were in middle school together, we had the occasional difference of opinion ~ but honestly, we have always gotten along very well! During college, we wrote letters back & forth that I still have today. For the first five or six years that Chris & I were married, Kerry would stay with us once a month when he was in Dallas for his Air National Guard drill weekend. It was so good to see him so often, and I missed those times once he completed his service. He married a wonderful girl named Wendy over 14 years ago, and she is like a sister to me. They have three really great kids that are close in age to my kids (you may remember them from this post).

Here are a few pictures of Kerry & me through the years! :)

I've gotten lazy about posting song lyrics. {Most of you don't really read them anyways, plus they don't always go with what I'm trying to say!} I like all of what this song has to say, but the following lines mean the most to me, in regards to my brother:

So much has changed
So much has happened these years
I still find that you're waiting here
We have a bond that nothing can change
And still I find a peace of mind
Whenever I hear your name

Happy Birthday, Kerry! {& Happy Earth Day, too!!}



Brooke said…
Happy birthday Kerry!! :)

(what a cutie!)

and in the picture progression yall seem to like each other a little more and more each year ;)
Zion said…
Wow, it is really neat to see how much you've changed over the years. I love that first picture, no fake smiles from you two ;)
Kendra said…
brothers are awesome :)

and kerry isn't too bad himself! lol

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