"Climbing Trees"

(by David Gamboa)

I've had a really good week, & I hope you have, too! I had lunch with my friend Jess one day. Another day, I did a little weeding in the butterfly garden at my kids' school, which inspired me to do some work in my own yard! I had to replace a couple of plants that didn't survive the freeze in December. I thought I had lost 8 plants, but 5 came back! I found this little decoration (for super cheap at Kirkland's) to use in place of one of them:

& I got the Butterfly Bush in the corner to replace the poor Mexican Firebush that froze to death!

If you read my last post, then you know our happy tax news! We're also doing some celebrating this weekend in the form of showers & birthdays. Cody had two birthday parties to attend. Last night, I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my good friend Amy's birthday {she may be taking over my blog one day this week...stay tuned!}

Today, I went to Amanda's baby shower & got to catch up with some girls I haven't seen in a long time. Lastly, my baby girl & I are driving up to Dallas tomorrow for Kristin's bridal shower {her dad was the hero I wrote about here ~ did I mention that my babies are going to be in her wedding?! I'm so excited!} We plan to celebrate Elly's 1/2 birthday by going to Braum's while we're in that part of the state!

I found some great bargains this week, too! I have this strange issue with a lot of my t-shirts: small holes where they rub against my jeans. Check this out:

Weird. Has anybody else had this problem before? Fortunately, we had a little money in our clothing budget, so I hopped over to Plato's Closet & picked up 4 shirts for $20. Then, I took advantage of Old Navy's "Stuff & Save" event (50% off everything I could fit in their free reusable bag, including sale items!) & managed to get some crazy steals!! Now, these deals aren't quite as good as a resale shop; but for brand new items, I think I did pretty good! I won't bore you with all of the details, but the best deals were:
  • Jeans for Cody (regularly $19.50): $6.25
  • Jeans for my mister (regularly $29.50): $10
  • Two-piece tankini for me (regularly $40): $18
  • Cute camo bag for Amos (not sure of it's regular price): $2.5
One final bit of happiness...

WARNING: this is completely random...

I was doing the dishes the other day & saw this heart-shaped water droplet on the floor:

{Does that just make you happy?!}

Regarding the song~> I'm not real sure why I haven't posted any from David Gamboa's latest album until today, but here you go! I love the idea behind this song. If Jesus were walking by, & you couldn't see him for crowd of tall people, would you be like a child & climb a tree to see him?



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