"I Fell For You"

(by Amy Stroup) Amy Stroup - The Other Side of Love- Session One - I Fell for You

Yes, I know, the title of this song sounds like I should save it for my MIS-series, doesn't it?! :) If you didn't listen to the song, you really should! I just love her sound! {I know, I've said that already!} At the beginning of the week, I was sure there'd be a Superchick song on here today. Their new CD came out on Tuesday, and I pre-bought it through their website. I actually thought I'd get it Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, but I'm still waiting...Looking at their boards, other people got it on Tuesday. So, mine is apparently taking a little trip around the country before it comes here to stay! Oh well, I'll get it eventually...

OK, sorry for the little rant! I'm done with that! I actually don't have much time to write. I'm about to go with my dad to see my baby brother. It's several hours away, and we'll be gone all day. I thought I'd be ambitious & get this done first thing in the morning! Yay!

This week, I spent a day with my "little sis" from my high school days! We were super sophisticated ~> meeting for coffee then having sushi for lunch! We sat there wondering when we grew up!! ;) It was great! I spent another day helping my good friend Amy perform RAKs ~ more on that later! The teachers at my kids' school treated all of the volunteers to a luncheon one day ~ which I think is super nice! The PTO President sent me this picture with the ladies at my table:

That's about it! I hope you have a super great weekend!!



Zion said…
I am not sure what RAKs is/are, but I am interested to hear all about. It was great seeing you and everyone else on Sunday. Did you already get a Thank You note? I got mine less than a week after the shower. A record breaking turn around!
Brooke said…
sounds like you were a busy bee this weekend. hope it was busy in a good way.

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