“Can't Stand My Retainer”

(by Cellophane) Cellophane - Hang Ups - Can't Stand My Retainer

While looking for old pictures of my brother & me the other day, I came across some pictures that documented a MISplacement that is totally worth sharing with y'all!

Back in my high school days, I spent a lot of time at my friend Amy's house {different Amy than the one I speak of often ~ but, yes, I always seem to have a friend or two with my name!} So much time, in fact, that her dad called me "Trey" ~ his slang for "tres" (as in "3rd daughter").

Though I didn't eat much during those days, I definitely ate at their house! Amy's mom cooked wonderful homemade meals every night, and it was nice to hang out in a family environment, complete with a little sister and brother (that we dressed up in units outfits ~ but that's a whole other story...)

After dinner one evening, I went to the counter where I had placed my napkin-wrapped retainer, and it wasn't there! Why I didn't carry my retainer case in my purse, I don't know; but I never had it with me, so I always wrapped my retainer in a napkin. We asked Amy's mom if she had seen it, and she surmised that she must have swept it into the trash can as she wiped off the counter. Of course, the trash bag had already been taken to the garage & placed with several other trash bags!

As you can imagine, it took quite a bit of time to search through them! Fortunately, Amy, Allison & Clay assisted me! I have no idea how many dirty, wadded up napkins where in there, but we had to gently unfold them all to see if they contained my retainer! Eventually, we found it! And Amy's mom insisted that I just set my retainer in plain sight on the counter in the future!

Before you scroll down to view the pictures, please let me explain that I grew up in & near Houston ~ one of the most humid cities on earth! Also, I have no idea why I had a sticker on my arm. Or my leg. Yes, we had been shucking corn earlier. I don't have a clue why a friend of mine would be wearing a Cowboys shirt, when the Oilers were right down the road. Yes, we put clothespins on our noses. & NO, I have NO idea what I was wearing or why the fashion police hadn't arrested me already!

So...have you ever dug through the trash for anything?



Brooke said…
those are some great pictures!! :) its like someone knew back in the day you'd need them for this blog :P

i got subway and snuck it into McDonalds (my friends wanted to eat their before a football game) and ended up throwing mine away. so i told the manager that i'd need to dig through his trash - and he kindly offered to help. so i'm sure you can imaginge my extra humiliation when it was found in a Subway napkin and he knew he didn't make a penny off me that day
Zion said…
It looks like you all are in your pajamas, maybe you are not, but it would certainly let you off the hook with the fashion police.

We had to dig through the dumpster at our old apartment for something that belonged to Jonathan Farrell. It's a long story.
Amy B said…
OK - I am seriously rolling on the floor laughing at these pictures. When I saw the title, I immediately thought about the retainer in the trash incident before I even read the story. I can't wait to show these pics to Clay! BTW - I don't even remember owning a Cowboys shirt??? lol
Good memories!!!
Lauren said…
those are the funniest pictures ever! I've thrown away a few retainers in my day too! :) Thanks so much for getting some coffee and supporting our adoption at the same time! SUCH a blessing!!! :)

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