"Baby Love"

(by Diana Ross & The Supremes) The Supremes - Diana Ross & The Supremes: Anthology - Baby Love

I haven't shared a MIShap or anything lately, so here's a MISspeak for ya...

I ran into a friend at a restaurant one day. She was dining with some family members that I hadn't met before. She began the introductions with her sister, then said, "And this is her husband." As I looked toward him, I couldn't stop myself from saying, "He's so cute!!"

I immediately realized how that sounded & tried to explain myself while they laughed! See, the moment I looked over at the sister's husband, he picked up the most adorable baby boy & held him up directly in my line of sight ~ &, for the record: completely blocking himself from my view! The baby boy was to whom I was referring when I expressed my thoughts about his cuteness!

Alright, fess up: have you ever accidentally said that somebody else's husband was cute?!



Brooke said…
oops!! nope, can't say i've ever made that mistake before lol :P
Zion said…
Not that I can think of, that's pretty funny though.

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