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I hope nobody was too disappointed that I didn't post yesterday! I was scrapbooking all day & got home too late exhausted to do it! I ended up with somewhat of a "mini-retreat" for myself this weekend. My friend hosts a Friday night crop & a Monday crop once a month, so I went on Friday night & plan to go tomorrow. Plus, a new friend invited me to her house for a crop all day yesterday! I did 25 pages & hope for about 5 tomorrow. I'm well on my way to completing the goal I've set for myself! {Cody is officially 7 in his album now! I know. Sad, right?!} I'm going to Jana's parents for a scrapbook retreat soon, so that'll hopefully make a total of 75 pages for this month!! Dare I hope to actually be caught up in one of the albums then? We'll see...

My week was fairly uneventful, which is a good thing! It was just a typical SAHM (who doesn't actually stay at home too much) week. My baby boy randomly threw up in the middle of the night & stayed home from school one day. I felt real bad for him until he said that he didn't feel sick either before or afterwards! Then, I felt bad for myself, because I had to clean it up! Fortunately, it was only in the bathroom, but it was everywhere in the bathroom that it could possibly be! Since he didn't feel sick, he was just on his way to relieve himself & randomly upchucked before he got there! Weird, huh?!

Moving on to cleaner subjects...I did a little thrift store shopping this week. I didn't do as well as my bloggy friend Brooke, but I was happy enough with what I found! I needed some skinny jeans to wear with my boots, because I've been tucking boot cut jeans into them. & that's really not so cool. I found some American Eagle jeans (I pretty much only wear those & YMI ~ because I like how they fit & know what size to get without trying on the whole entire store). I also found a couple of shirts & a tank top, & I only spent $30. I've done better, but I can't complain.

Other than Bible study & my mister's follow up visit (no real change, but things look good), I didn't do too much else. Am I boring, or what?! I went to lunch with my friend Amy (Mission Burrito ~ yum!) & went to her house to watch silly tv shows. I also had coffee at a friend's house. Her son has outgrown his Tech Deck toys, so she sent them home with me for my kids. My living room is now a skate park:

As for today's song: it's Seabird. Need I say more? I love them. & I'm sad that I won't get to see them (& Switchfoot) when they're in town, because I'll be out of town. Bummer. {But I'll be scrapbooking, so at least it's a good sacrifice!} I hope y'all have a super great week! My new series is actually gonna start this week, I promise! So come back & see me! :)



Brooke said…
deal shopping is really hit or miss, but it sounds like you got some great stuff! :)

i'm the same - i know what brands fit me well and try to stick with them.

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