"Purple Haze"

(by Jimi Hendrix) The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced - Purple Haze

[Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form condoning the use of LSD (as it is associated with this song). Due to the nature of my new series, I chose this song for its commonly misheard lyric, "'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy."]

Now that I have THAT out of the way...

You've asked for it, & here it is! Awhile ago, I mentioned that I've been thinking about doing a new series. It all started when my friend Natalie wrote about a romantic-turned-fiasco moment on her blog, & I left a comment referring to a romantic-turned-fiasco moment of my own. She said she'd love to hear the story, and I thought, "Why not?!" I figure that if I can be completely transparent about everything else on this blog, then it's time that my bloggy friends come to know the real me! Thus begins what I'm calling my:

It will contain stories about:

MIShaps ~> I act rashly, though that's never my intention...I just do something before I think it through. Sometimes, it only leads to embarrassment, & other times it leads to pain. Most of these mishaps are due to impatience or the fact that I'm simply not paying attention to what I'm doing. My middle name is definitely not Grace. I run into things on a regular basis (mostly inanimate objects that have been in the same place for years, ie. cabinets & doors). I have this fear that one day someone will think I'm being abused, because of my bumps & bruises (especially when I can't even remember where the bruise came from). For the record, though, I'm just a klutz who is apparently out to embarrass (if not injure) myself.

MISspeaks ~> I speak before I think. WAY more often than I care to admit...You know that scripture about being slow to speak? I'm still working on that one, though I completely understand why it's important. I'll just think something & say it without pausing to think through how it may sound. I wouldn't say that I'm blunt. I don't speak my mind in that way. I just blurt things out that make sense in my head, and it usually comes out with a different meaning than I had intended. Sometimes, these misspeaks only serve to make me sound like an airhead, but other times have left me looking for holes to crawl into & die!

MISunderstandings ~> I hear things that just don't make sense. A LOT...In all honesty, the world is a much funnier place in my head than it is in reality! Sometimes the things I hear almost make sense, but not quite. So, there's a part of me that thinks maybe what I heard really is what the person intended to say. But, generally, what they continue to say doesn't add up; so I'll think through what I heard & try to put it all into context. Usually, I can figure out what they actually said, but there are times that I simply have to ask them to repeat themselves. So, if I look clueless while we're talking, it's probably because I misunderstood you & am trying to figure out what you actually said.

MISplacements ~> I put things in random places just about every day...The kids constantly tease me about this. In fact, it has become so commonplace that I don't actually remember many stories to tell. I don't think I've done this all my life, but who knows? I know that I'm a creature of habit, so I try to put things in the same place every time. But, lately that hasn't been the case. Occasionally, the misplaced items will end up in a logical place, and I certainly won't bore you with those stories! I'll try to only tell the more interesting ones.

I simply have mishaps, misspeaks, misunderstandings & misplacements almost daily. & for some strange reason, I've decided to share them with you. I don't know how often I'll post in this series, or how long it will last. I may tell you the few stories that come to mind right now & update you as I do silly things in the future. I don't know. I haven't got a whole lot to say these days, so I thought I could possibly entertain you somewhat with my "MIS-series" {yeah, I know, I'm so creative that I couldn't even come up with a REAL name for the series!!} If you say it quickly, it sounds like "miseries" ~ which is just about right!



Brooke said…
i ran into a door frame. of a house i'd been living in for a year.

i'm excited to read your stories and know that i'm not alone!!! :)

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