"Strawberry Fields Forever"

(by Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson) Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson - Across the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Edition] - Strawberry Fields Forever

Now, for a short story about something I MISheard. This particular story isn't as funny as others, but it's a small example of how weird the world is inside my head...

One day at Bible study, a lady on one side of the room shouted, "Strawberries are great!" Then, a lady on the other side of the room said, "Strawberries!" I sat there for a few seconds, trying to figure out what I had missed.

Now, the first lady is the type of happy person who would think that strawberries are great, but she's not the type (like me) who would actually shout it out loud for all to hear! And for the second lady to respond (as if that were normal), I realized that I must have misunderstood something. I can usually think everything through & figure out what I misheard, but I just couldn't do it this time. As it turns out, the first lady was getting food for the second lady, and she asked, "Strawberries or grapes?" Now that made much more sense!



Brooke said…
wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me - cause i totally am that random :P but lol @ a little old lady saying it. (not sure why i picture them as old when I read it)
Kendra said…

for some reason this made me think of that haha! :)

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