"So Beautiful"

(by Superchick) Superchick - Rock What You Got - So Beautiful

We are a thousand voices strong
We are each girl who sings this song
We are a beauty that's our own
And we are, and we are
So Beautiful

We are light, we were born beautiful
We were meant to be more than these shadows of girls
They cut us down to size, afraid we'll change the world
But we'll fight for your right to be beautiful girls
If every girl could see her beauty, we would be an army


We have dreams we were born to fulfill
We were meant to be more than just fairytale girls
We are colors so bright, each a beautiful girl
We are stars in the night, and we're changing the world
When every girl can see her beauty, we will be an army


This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week; & if you know me (or have read my blog long enough), you know that it's an important issue to me. If you don't know my story & care to read it, click here {but start with "Naked Heart" & work your way up to the top ~ I wish I knew how to reverse the order without making a whole new post! I'm sorry!} What's cool is the fact that when I posted Saturday's song, I didn't even realize that it was NEDA week! So, even before I knew of this special week, I gave you a little reminder of the truth: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I hope every single one of you realize that! God made you just the way you are, and you are uniquely, wonderfully & BEAUTIFULLY made!

Along with NEDA week, Superchick is offering a FREE song! One of the sisters in Superchick struggled with an eating disorder, & the song "Courage" (that I used for the second post in my story that I mentioned before) was written out of that. For Melissa's story behind the song, click here. & you can download the song by clicking here.

If you'd like to help somebody "change the way they see ~ not the way they look" today, join the Operation Beautiful movement.



Brooke said…
thankfully i've never had to struggle with an ED, but do find it difficult sometimes to like what i see in the mirror. busy day today but i'm definitely going to go back and read your story

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