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I've been planning on doing an "About Me" post for the tab that my mister added when he redesigned my blog. As part of that, I thought I'd post the facebook "25 Things" note that went around awhile back. {Because it's fun, and it's time you get to know just how odd I really am. Plus, I like today's song. And though it really doesn't relate to the post, it has a number + the word "things" in it. So there. Justified.} Originally, I wrote this list about a year ago. I decided not to make a new list, because it's sorta neat to go back & see how/if things change. So, some things have changed, and I've updated those for you!

  1. I like routines & have a hard time being spontaneous.

  2. I think my husband is a WAY better person than I am. He knows who he is. He's real with everyone, and he doesn't put up a front. What you see is what you get. I would like to be more like him.

  3. I absolutely LOVE to sit down with a hot cuppa tea every afternoon after I pick the kids up from school.

  4. I type on my fingers. It could be everything that you say, or maybe just one word that you say that is fun to type. Typing words to songs on the radio can be quite the challenge. I try to keep up with the beat, but this is harder than it may seem.

  5. I love punk music.

  6. I think my kids are awesome. I know they aren't perfect, but I honestly think they are super, and I couldn't be more proud of them!

  7. I love to read books & am particularly obsessed with books by Karen Kingsbury. I'll pick one up & not want to put it down until I'm done. So, I've set rules for myself, so I can enjoy the book longer. One of them is that I'm not allowed to read during the day, unless I'm sitting in the carpool line. That way I may actually get stuff done around the house. [Now that the kids ride the bus home, I can't indulge in the carpool line anymore. It is taking me forever to read a book these days!]

  8. I joined FlyLady, because I needed motivation to get the housework done. BUT, I normally just read the emails each day & don't do the work, because I've convinced myself that I'm not as bad off as the people the emails are REALLY intended for!

  9. I enjoy reality TV shows like “The Bachelor”. I don't know why. I just do!

  10. I fix the mistakes that I make when I type on my fingers.

  11. I think I've deceived myself into thinking that my dog will actually be good one day. [I have now become somewhat addicted to "The Dog Whisperer". I've tried some stuff, & it actually works...]

  12. My favorite smell in the world is coffee beans.

  13. I'm trying to work up the nerve to get a tattoo. [Done! You can see it here ~ but start at the bottom if you want the whole story!]

  14. I love to sing & miss being on the worship team, but I have no desire to sing on the one at my church.

  15. Sometimes, I leave early for the carpool line just so I can read a book. [see note on #7]

  16. I love to scrapbook, especially with friends!

  17. I think I'm addicted to Etsy. I don't buy very often, but I LOOK a lot. I particularly love to look at bags & pottery (especially MudStuffing's shop—Chris says I have a crush on that guy). [& I finally got something of his! Remember this post?!

  18. I don't like being interrupted, but I've come to realize that I do it, too. And I hate that about me.

  19. I would like to be funny & say witty things, but I've realized that I'm just not that cool.

  20. I've recently become aware of the fact that I have this horrible habit of not really pursuing a friendship once I realize that I've allowed a friend to get to know the real me. I think it's my way of stepping out before the person realizes that they don't really like the person they have come to know. I'm sorry if I've done this to you. Please know that it wasn't intentional, & you didn't do anything wrong. I'm working on being a better friend. [I'm still working on this!]

  21. I hate cancer. [Still do. With a passion.]

  22. I'm afraid of the future, even though I know I'm not supposed to be. I know it's all in God's hands, but I'm still afraid.

  23. My favorite thing to do is take a really hot bath with a really good book.

  24. I love 80's music, especially 80's pop (all sung by bands that my husband tells me were gay).

  25. I love Sudoku, KenKen & Logic Grid puzzles. They make me happy :)


Brooke said…
"I would like to be funny & say witty things, but I've realized that I'm just not that cool."

lol - this one is totally me!!
Anonymous said…
thanks for visiting my blog and entering the contest!!

this post was fun to read, and if i understand your "finger typing" correctly, i do it too! kind of like air-guitar but your "air-typing" in your mind? that's what i do. and now i sound like a total crazy. hope i haven't scared you away from my blog with that :)

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