"Boat Song"

(by JJ Heller) Boat Song - When I'm With You

I've had a really good week! I need to make dinner, so I'll make this quick! This week I...

...did some scrapbooking & watched Craft Wars with some girls from MOPS

...had a great time at Field Day Throwdown 2012

...saw this rainbow! {& I love that I saw it while studying covenant!}

{I could see the whole entire thing at one point, but I was driving so it wouldn't have been safe to take a picture}

...went on a lunch date with my mister

...met up with a couple of girls about a study we're doing together for the next few months

...attended a 1st birthday party & baby dedication for a sweet little boy named Miles

...went to the beach with my kids {I may do a blog post with pics later...}

...didn't really listen to this song the most, but I think the video is cute! :)

I hope your weekend is swell! ♥



Laura said…
Hooray for great weeks! I'm glad you had one. :)
Zion said…
Cute video. The song reminds me of the Runaway Bunny which is a storybook that is dear to my heart.

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