"I Wait for the Lord"

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I don't really have anything for y'all these days, but I didn't want to not post anything. Elly is working on a MISseries story that she wanted to tell, so maybe we'll post that later in the week! :)

So for now I'd like to share what I feel like my verse is for the summer:

"I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait,
And in His word do I hope."
{Psalm 130:5}

I know that I'm barely past a week into the challenge I mentioned last week, but I wanted y'all to know that I have risen to the challenge! ;) {see what I did there?!} And it has been so good! In all honesty, I haven't jumped out of bed each morning in eager anticipation of my day or my time with the Lord. But I have rolled out of bed with a sense of purpose & the peace that comes from knowing that the sacrifice is worth it. I've always been a night owl & never a morning person, which is why I've resisted getting up early for so long. So I hope you'll be proud to know that I've actually gone to bed early (for me) a couple of times, though I'd like to do that more consistently. A couple of mornings I've struggled to keep from dozing off when I close my eyes to pray. But overall, it has been easier than I thought it would be.

This morning, I had planned to sleep for another hour because I'll have some alone time later on when my kids are at VBS. But my crazy dog woke me up 2 minutes before I would've normally gotten up. Go figure. I was frustrated at first, so I planned to lay down on the couch while she did her grass-eating/licking/puking thing {seriously, what is that about?!} But since it was 6:00 (instead of her usual 4:00), I felt that maybe God wanted me to meet with Him at our usual time. And get this: I didn't even feel like dozing off at all!

Alrighty, I better take my kiddos to the church so they can serve while I play the role of a slacker. For the record, I feel a little bit guilty for not helping with VBS this year, especially when both of my kids are helping. But I will say that I totally enjoyed breakfast with Amy & Marcie (my fellow "slacker" friends) yesterday!



Brooke said…
i'm not a morning person either, but each morning i get up, turn on my Keurig, do a 60 second plank waiting for it to brew, and while i'm planking i pray for God to open my eyes (literally and figuratively) and help me wake up and understand His word.

although i'm not a morning person, i definitely see a benefit to giving him the first part of my day!
Sounds like your challenge is going wonderfully! That is awesome, Amy! :)
Laura said…
I hear you! I am not a morning person either, and it is a struggle to get out of bed, let alone start a morning quiet time routine. Also, I hear you on the slacking. Let me know if you want to come over for a slacker cup of coffee or tea sometime this week. :)
Jen Price said…
I totally understand. I can easily stay up at night but getting up early is a different story. Awesome how God is faithful to wake you up to meet with Him!

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