"Soak it Up"

(by Warren Barfield) Soak It Up - Warren Barfield

Soak It Up by Warren Barfield on Grooveshark

Isn't this song super?! If you didn't listen to it, you totally should! It really sums up what "One Thousand Gifts" is all about. There is so much goodness in this song, but I especially love the encouragement to enjoy all our days before all our days end. Today I am thankful for...
  1. Clear scans!
  2. My new Bible! {how in the world did I forget to put it on last weeks' list?!}
  3. The completion of my first scarf
  4. Homemade tamales
  5. The opportunity to assist in making homemade tamales
  6. A new semester of midweek studies at church
  7. Knitting tutorials on youtube
  8. Crock pots
  9. A book series that I get to borrow from Julie
  10. Peanut butter & chocolate {together} ♥
  11. Costco
  12. Emails from strangers that make me chuckle
  13. The opportunity to help a neighbor that I don't know very well
  14. Said neighbor's son telling me that I'm a nice mom :)
  15. Marcie {who had a birthday on Friday!}
  16. My sis-in-law Wendy {who also had a birthday on Friday!}
  17. A chance for Laura to come over & drink coffee with me
  18. Texts that say, "Hide it under a bushel? NO!" {yes, you are funny, Marcie!}
  19. A crop night at Magi's
  20. A lazy Saturday
  21. My kids hanging out together {even when their friends are over}
  22. Praying with my Moms In Touch ladies again
  23. Creepy old neighbor guy not seeing me at the store
  24. Finding a $13 dress for my cousin's wedding this weekend
  25. Teenage girls encouraging each other with scripture {Seriously, these girls are amazing! I ♥ them so much! As a couple of girls shared some struggles in small group last night, other girls were looking up scripture that applied to their situations. I love that!}

What are you soaking up in your life today?



Brooke said…
did i share my crockpot potato soup recipe? do you like potato soup? sooooooooo easy!

PS - any woman who can be thankful for inlaws is one grateful woman!!!
Jen Price said…
Homemade tamales? Can I come to your house for dinner??
Yay for clear scans! Yay for your first scarf! I love my crock pot too. #675... that is awesome! What a great song. Thanks for sharing Amy! :)

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