"House of God, Forever"

(by Jon Foreman) House of God, Forever - Limbs and Branches

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There are several reasons to celebrate today!!

The first & most important reason is that Christopher's scans were clear! It may not make sense that I waited until now to tell y'all, but I had a few reasons: 1) most (if not all) of you are facebook &/or IRL friends ~ so I figured you might already know. 2) I wanted to wait until we got the full report from Dr L. He reviewed the scans with us at the appointment the afternoon of the scans, but he hadn't received the radiologist report yet. Christopher called the next day & learned that the report was negative for mets, so we're good for 6 months! & 3) I needed one more post in order to reach a particular milestone...

This is my 500th post!

And the last reason for celebration today {& the reason for today's song}: I completed my first scarf!! I actually finished it on Monday, but again with the whole celebration situation. :) I showed you a picture on Saturday, but I ended up starting all over because I decided that I'd enjoy it more (therefore wear it more) if it weren't so wide. Anyways, I know y'all may not be as excited about the scarf as I am, but please bear with me just a few more moments while I explain why it's the reason for today's song. I don't know if all knitters name their projects, or if Melissa is the only one. But I love the idea! And because I'm a weirdo, my names have to be related to a song. My first scarf is "Fields of Green" from my favorite part of today's song:

He makes me rest
In fields of green
With quiet streams

I am now working on a scarf for my baby girl. She picked out the yarn on Monday, & I'm loving how it looks so much that I've already asked her if I can borrow it some time! I'll wait to tell you the name, but I will tell you that it's from an FM Static song. That narrows it down a bit! :) Maybe one day I'll move beyond scarves, but I figure maybe I'll learn one new stitch at a time & practice a bit before trying something else. We'll see...



Mandy Smith said…
Praise God for clear scans!! I am rejoicing right along side of you both.
I LOVE your scarf. I've been spending a lot of time in Psalm 23 lately so the title hit home with me too.
Sending warm thoughts your way from chilly Iowa! :)
Brooke said…
what a cute scarf!!! :)
Jen Price said…
Yea for clear scans! Your scarf looks great! I love the color.
melissa said…
You're scarf looks fantastic . . . and I love the name !!! Awesome !!

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