"Baby Got Book"

(by Dan "Southpaw" Smith) Baby Got Book - The Caucasian Invasion

I know this song is cheesy, but it makes me laugh! I hope it doesn't offend anyone! ;)  Anyways, moving on to the real reason for the post...

If you're fb friends with my mister, you may have seen him make fun of me with a post that went something like this, "‎Amy just asked me a deep theological question: 'Is it wrong to covet a Bible?'"

You see, I have been wanting a New Inductive Study Bible since the Precepts workshop I went to last Fall. The problem was the fact that I had just received a new Bible for my birthday. I had asked for one (shortly after a friend referred to my super cute pink & brown one as a "little girl" Bible) & am very happy with my ESV. {& it has the same insides as Laurien's, so that makes me happy! I will never forget the look on her face that day at church when we turned our pages at exactly the same time, looked at each other, looked down at our Bibles, leaned over to compare words on both pages, & then looked at the page numbers!} But I haven't had a new study Bible since college. And the NISB is NASB, so it's a different version than my birthday Bible. Though I totally know I can use different versions by going to websites like YouVersion, Blue Letter Bible, etc., I like to write in mine.

Gosh, I sound like an addict trying to justify my need for more...

Anyways, I ended up using a gift card from Christmas to order one, & I got it today!!!!!!

& I've already started marking it up {going through some of the key words in the Bible study that starts next week!}

Isn't it super?!



Zion said…
Ha ha!!! I don't know what the response was on Facebook, but surely there could be no greater things to covet than the Bible!

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