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I'm sitting here in the Med Center waiting for Mister Christopher to be finished with his scans. I love technological advances that have made it possible for me to blog here just as easily as I can at home! I have books, magazines, & knitting as a distraction, but I can also facebook- & blog-stalk to my heart's content! ;) Anyways, because of my sweet boy's birthday last week, some of the items on today's list are a couple of weeks old. But again, y'all probably don't care when the instances occurred, especially if I'm still grateful that they occurred, right?! Alrighty then, today I am {still} quite grateful for the following...
  1. Friends who give advice about seasonal dry skin :)
  2. Avocados
  3. Lunch with Nicole
  4. Amy's E-stim machine to help with the worst back pain ever
  5. Teenage girls who watch My Little Pony on a Saturday morning :)
  6. God's protection over my babies during a tornado warning
  7. Skype dates with Sally & Sarah in England
  8. Lunch with my sweet boy on his birthday
  9. A new hobby {I'm almost done with my first scarf!!}
  10. Bloggy friends who are willing to help with said new hobby
  11. Surgeons who take good care of my mister
  12. Jana {& her cute baby boy} helping me pass the time in the waiting room during Christopher's surgery
  13. Cody's constant humming :)
  14. A new semester of Bible study with my baby brother
  15. A new semester of MOPS
  16. Food & games with my girl Misty & her fiancé Rob :)
  17. All of the time I get to spend with my baby brother
  18. A chance to sing with my dad
  19. Visiting with a 73-year-old lady who still has a desire to learn & grow from unexpected life circumstances
  20. Running errands with my baby girl
  21. Starbucks gift cards on days when I'm out of caffeinated coffee at home
  22. Continued peace while awaiting scans
  23. A warm place to sit in the sun when I forgot my sweater
  24. Comfy chairs in outpatient waiting rooms
  25. Technology

What are you grateful for today?



Brooke said…
i read on facebook that y'all got good news! :)
Anonymous said…
i just started reading "one thousand gifts" a couple weeks ago and i'm loving it! when i first got it (as a gift) i thought "this looks so familiar..." - i just realized it's because i've been seeing it on your blog (so i get 0 points for observation skills). :)
Jen Price said…
Glad to help! Can't wait to see your scarf! Oh, and I love avocados, too. Did you know we used to live in S. Africa and had an avo tree in our backyard?? I really miss it!
So glad the scans were good... saw that on facebook! Praise God! Technology when it comes to medicine and medical procedures is just amazing. Truly amazing. So many wonderful gifts Amy! :)
Zion said…
#641- "fiancé" Woo Hoo! See you at the wedding in 3 months.

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