"Find Your Wings"

(by Mark Harris) Find Your Wings - The Line Between The Two

My sweet boy is eleven years old today! Cody is such a joy to me, and I am so grateful that I get to be his mom! Today's list has just a few of the things I love about him. I am thankful that Cody...
  1. Loves his mom! ♥
  2. Is honest
  3. Wishes happiness was contagious
  4. Cares for others
  5. Is a leader
  6. Is sweet to little kids
  7. Makes good friend choices
  8. Isn't too proud to serve others
  9. Likes to make people laugh
  10. Is kind
  11. Is compassionate
  12. Thinks of a solution for everything
  13. Is responsible
  14. Watches The Science Channel
  15. Is a great student
  16. Still likes to snuggle with his mom
  17. Is confident
  18. Says the sweetest things
  19. Isn't afraid to try new things {finally!}
  20. Is gentle
  21. Creates brain games that he sends via email
  22. Tries out his comedy bits on us :)
  23. Is nice to his sister ♥
  24. Loves God
  25. Desires to minister to others

Is there someone who brings joy to your heart? If so, please tell me about them! :)



Brooke said…
what a blessed mother you are to have a kid with good friends - i swear the friends i hung out with made me a "good girl" in high school. they influence so much!
Aww. The love you have for you boy is so sweet to see Amy. What an amazing boy you are raising. I hope he has a wonderful birthday!
Amanda said…
Happy Birthday Cody!!!!

Time is FLYING by way too fast!! Your facebook status today made me laugh!!!

Hope he had a great birthday!
Zion said…
He really is something! You must be so proud to have such level headed, intelligent, kind hearted children. I can't believe he is almost a teenager.

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