"You Make Me Sick"

(by Egypt Central) You Make Me Sick - Egypt Central

Good morning! I've been wide awake for the past hour, so I finally decided to get up. My friend had to go to the hospital, so they asked me to take care of their daughter. My little friend quickly fell back to sleep in the guest room, & I attempted to go back to sleep myself. But it's not happening. Pepper wanted to snuggle, but she was making me too hot to be comfortable. Then, my stomach thinks it needs food if I've been awake for more than 10 minutes, so it was growling loud enough to hear in the next county. {No, RRMama, that wasn't a mountain lion outside your window this morning. It was my tummy!} So, as per my usual early morning ramblings, you will be blessed with a long-awaited post in my:

It's been a long time, huh? {If you're new to this blog & haven't heard of this series, you can go to this post to see what it's all about.} I've been wanting to post this little MISspeak for awhile, & now I finally have the time...

The kids & I had gone to visit Roger, Faye & Rachel in the town where I went to high school. They are like another set of parents to me and even claim me as their daughter. Naturally then, Rachel is like my little sister. She was still in high school, so this had to have been several years ago now. We had picked up her boyfriend on the way to church, and I was seeing if I approved meeting him for the first time. To set the scene: Roger & Faye were in the front of their van, Cody & I were in the middle seats, and Elly, Rachel & Mike were in the back row. Rachel was saying that Mike reminded her of somebody we knew, so I turned around to study him. After a few moments, I groaned & turned back toward the front saying, "It makes me sick to look at you!"

A complete silence fell over the van. I didn't realize how my words had come across until it dawned on me that he had no way of knowing that I get carsick! I hate it, but it's a fact of life. I generally have to drive everywhere because of it. I try not to be a baby about it, and I'll give it a chance sometimes. If I have to ride as a passenger, I focus on deep-breathing & looking straight out the front window. & I try to never turn around & look behind me for any reason. It only takes half a second for me to feel nauseous, and that nausea quickly turns into a migraine. SO not fun!

Anyways, back to that day, I quickly explained myself. & I think he believed me. As I'm sure you can imagine, Rachel has never let me forget how I offended her boyfriend within five minutes of meeting him. I tell her that's what big sisters are supposed to do. At least I didn't pull out embarrassing baby pictures or something! ü

Have YOU ever offended somebody when you first met them? Do tell!



Brooke said…
:P oops!

i can read in the car easily - i don't know how you car sick people do it!
RR Mama said…
I was beginning to wonder what animal was out side my window this morning. I even woke up Hubs and tried to get him to go look. Just kidding. That part made me laugh out loud. Back when Hubs and I were dating we were hanging out with his sister and her boyfriend and I remember saying something to him and then calling him by his full name. His name was Steve but I called him Steven. He hated to be called Steven. I have know idea why I did that but we didn't exactly hit off after that.
LOL Hey that is what big sisters do! You could have done something way more embarrassing. Everyone has embarrassing stories to be told. :)
Zion said…
That's hillarious. I "mispeak" all the time, but I can never remember them on the spot like this. The other day though a girl was saying that I was going to be pregnant because her daddy prayed for me (it's a long story, I am not pregnant or having any problems with getting pregnant ftr) Anyway when her mom heard this she said "Be careful how you say that because you don't want to make it sound like daddy was the one that got her pregnant." and I was like say what!? I think she meant to say that daddy's prayer would not make someone pregnant, it was still weird though especially since I am NOT even pregnant.

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