"The Storm"

(by Elenowen) The Storm - Pulling Back the Veil

The kids & I watched Tuesday night's premiere of The Voice last night, and I was stoked to see Elenowen on there! I've been a fan for awhile, but I have no idea why I haven't posted one of their songs before! The one that I really wanted to post today was "What We Hope", but Grooveshark has changed things on me again! I can't get the code to embed the little player :( Anyways, I really like Elenowen, & I think you should totally check them out!



RR Mama said…
OK that show was just the BEST! Please keep me posted when you are coming. I would love to me up. I just hope it's not on the 14th. I have to work graduation and the kids have ball games which I will miss. :(
Zion said…
Never heard of the show or the band (I am pretty out of touch with things these days). I checked them out though and they seem really cool, very down to earth.

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