"You Can't Over Love Your Underwear"

(by The Fruit Guys)

I just had to share my deal of the week! My mister's CT scan is today, & I plan to update you on that tomorrow. So I decided not to wait and link up with a Frugal Friday meme.

Because this is too great of a bargain not to shout out loud about!

But it's a little too "personal" to tell all my facebook friends (well, more specifically, those of the male gender). When I paid 98¢ for the glider cushion, I didn't have a problem sharing that on facebook. But today we're talking about underwear.

Ya, I know, so I post it on a public blog instead. I guess that could seem weird, but I only know of an occasional man who reads this, & it's not like I posted pics of me wearing the panties I bought! OK, I'll get to the point now...

I received a $10 coupon to Palais Royal the other day & found the most random panties for super cheap!

I'm normally an Aerie boybrief kinda girl, but I couldn't pass these up! And when you have a disgusting dog who likes to eat underwear, it's hard to sacrifice the $3-7.50 a pair. I resisted the "Bite Me" & other vampire-themed ones, but I figured I'd be alright with the skulls & "LOL"! Yes, I know. They really belong on teenagers and not me, but if you found them this cheap you'd buy them, too! So, without further ado, check out the total on my receipt:

8 panties for 21 cents!!!!

Six of them had already been marked down from $6 to $1.80 & the other two had been marked down from $7.50 to $2.25. Plus, there was an additional discount of 33% off the red-ticket price! The receipt says that I saved $15.10, but that was the cost before my coupon & the 33% off. The original price would have been $51 + tax for a total of $54.70. Which means I saved $54.49! I only paid about 2.5% of the original price! The best deal I ever remember getting from American Eagle was around $25 + shipping for 8 (on clearance and with a coupon code). I'd say I scored! How's that for "living like no one else"? I think Dave Ramsey would be proud!



Brooke said…
tee hee - you should tweet him this link. or better yet post it on his facebook ;)

wow. i'm impressed. and jealous. some of those are super cute!!
that is amazing! I am so proud. And, I think they are all super cute too! Great job!
Zion said…
That's amazing. I need new underwear so bad! I really need bras and I was thinking it is going to cost at least $60 for me to get it all, but I will be praying for a deal half as good as yours and I should be all set!
Zion said…
Oh yeah, and I like aerie undies too, but have you noticed their models? Some of them are really awkward in a graphic kind of way. I guess they are taking the Abercrombie approach by selling items with nudity!?
Your are the queen!!! What a great shopper you are! My motto is.... "It's never a really a deal until you tell it to someone"

Have a great day,
Laura said…
You are my Frugalista Hero, Amy!

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