"Let Go"

(by BarlowGirl) Let Go - Another Journal Entry (Expanded Edition)

With it being the New Year & all, I thought I should reflect on some goals. The only problem is like most people I'm not so great at sticking with them. I generally set the bar too high to reach. It's probably pointless to go through each of my goals from last year:

I feel like I was only remotely successful in one of them. Yes, one. My first goal was to spend time with God daily ~ and while I didn't have a "quiet time" every day, I definitely talked to Him each day & read through the Bible over the course of the year. I signed up for a reading plan through youversion, and I actually completed it! I even earned a badge!

Other than that, I've made a little bit of headway in some other areas, but I haven't fully accomplished much of anything on my list. So, I've decided that if I'm going to make any sort of goals for this year, then I need to spend a little more time seeking what God wants me to accomplish this year. I want my life to be more about bringing glory to Him & not simply setting some personal goals. I'm not totally disregarding any personal goals ~ I'm just not technically setting any particular ones right at this moment.

As with last year, I definitely want to spend quality time with family & friends, and I definitely would love to get caught up on my scrapbooking. I don't feel like I'm ever going to get anywhere with discipling my crazy dog ~ or myself when it comes to housework! I've decided that exercise is overrated; & any time I've attempted to make it a priority, it becomes more about how I look than being healthy. So that won't be a part of what I plan to focus on this year (unless God tells me otherwise). One thing I didn't have on my list last year was a financial goal. This year, I have high hopes of paying off our debt (other than the house), and I'm praying that no big expenses come up that prevent that from happening.

All that is to say that I don't have a set direction at this point, other than the debt thing & reading through the Bible again (this time, chronologically). I plan to get through my mister's scans this week (unless insurance continues to deny them, as just this morning we found out they have done), and then I'll see what God lays on my heart. I'm sorry if this post seems all over the place, but I sorta wanted to jot down a little of what I've been thinking on for this year!



RR Mama said…
I hate to say it but the only resolution I make is not to make one. If I did, it would truly look like your list with EPIC FAIL!!
Brooke said…
if you had to choose just one, i'd say the God one was the right one to follow through on :)
Best of luck to you on becoming debt free! It's quite a feeling :D I have Dave Ramsey to thank for that. I would love to hear your progress through out the year.
Anonymous said…
i totally understood everything you were sharing... i just read a book a friend gave me "shopping for time". it talked about seeking the Lord periodically about what we need to focus on in the specific seasons of life that we're in. what you said reminded me of that... thanks for sharing (and being REAL!). :)

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