"Coffee Break"

(by Forever the Sickest Kids) Coffee Break - Underdog Alma Mater

Have you had your coffee break yet? Well, in case you needed an excuse, today is National Coffee Break Day!

Y'all know I don't need an excuse to drink it!

My addiction love for the stuff began in college. I had tried it before and didn't like it, but I guess it grew on me. Or maybe I started liking it out of necessity! Either way, all it took was some hazelnut creamer & a late night talk about Jesus with a roomie.

Hazelnut coffee + Jesus = pure bliss!

So...how about you? Do you drink coffee? If so, when did you start? What's your favorite way to drink it?

{Because there were so many great songs to choose from, I added a few more coffee-related songs to my playlist at the bottom of the page!}



Brooke said…
no wonder i had the urge to skip breakfast and just drink coffee all morning!

i can't remember when i started drinking it, but its not a "must have" for me. i do enjoy it often though.
RR Mama said…
I like coffee but as my grandmother used to say I'm more of an orange juice kinda girl. =)
Anonymous said…
i don't like coffee, but i wish i did! :(
Zion said…
Hannah's comment made me laugh. I am with Brooke on this one.
Laura said…
My Mom used to be a HUGE coffee drinker (she's switched to green tea now...), so her morning coffee was always a huge part of my morning. I started drinking sugary Starbuck's drinks when I was 14. My sister and I got a coupon for a free drink from the new Starbuck's that had opened up by our house. So, we walked up there one hot summer day and discovered the frappuccino. The rest is history.

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