"Sore Eyes"

(by Brandon Heath) Sore Eyes - What If We

This week I...

...had a fun shopping/girl day with my baby girl!

...got a letter from my baby brother ~ gotta love his honesty: he said that he meant to tell me during our visit last weekend that I'm still very pretty even if I do have a small wrinkle on my eye! :)

...said goodbye to one of Elizabeth's pet frogs...RIP little Drek!

...discovered a new workout routine! Who knew you could get a workout from stapling papers?! Either I'm WAY out of shape, or I'm onto something! While I was working in the copy room at Elly's school the other day, the automated stapler wasn't functioning properly. I had to manually staple the copies that I had made for the entire student body! (Ugh!) Apparently the repetitive little twist I was doing was something like a side crunch, because I am so stinkin' sore. So, if you're looking for an alternative to "Abs of Steel", try stapling 500 or so stacks of paper!

...got a package from Shutterfly!

...made a LEGO cake for my son!

{He had a friend spend the night in celebration of his birthday. Finally!}

...played a fun game at Ladies' Game Night at church!

...listened to "Sore Eyes" the most! I like Brandon Heath :) And this song is sweet. I like how he's trying to cheer this girl up & says he wants to bring that light back to her eyes to stay. Sweetness! His new album came out this week, but I haven't had the opportunity to buy it yet. He's going to be in the area for a Brown Bag Lunch next week, maybe I can go see him & spare a few bucks to buy it. Maybe?

I hope you had a great week ~ and an even better weekend!! :)



Brooke said…
re: the pressie in the mail :)
Erynne Nicole said…
Wow! That's insane! I LOVE the lego cakes!!! You did a great job on them!
Zion said…
Way cool package from Shutterfly and awesome lego cakes. Looks like you had a fun weekend.
Congratulations on the big win... what a great prize! Did you post the photo you submitted? Love, love, love the lego cakes... they are so cool!
Laura said…
Congrats again. :)

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