"I and Love and You"

(by The Avett Brothers) I and Love and You - I and Love and You

I've been meaning to tell you about our friends' little baby for awhile now. I'm actually quite ashamed that I haven't asked you to join me in prayer for baby Brooklyn. I have been praying for this sweet little baby for nearly five months now ~ since she was in the womb & her parents found out that her diaphragm had not developed properly (a condition called CDH). Brooklyn was born on November 28 to proud parents Jered & Lindsey. She had surgery a week or so later & is still in NICU, recovering slowly.

As I'm sure you can imagine, Jered & Lindsey have some major medical bills. Her friends made some cute t-shirts that they are selling as a fundraiser. {You can also simply make a donation on that page} And their family is selling raffle tickets to help them raise funds for her medical bills. The winner of the raffle gets a two-night stay at a hotel in Houston (near the Galleria) plus a $100 Pappa's gift card. You can read more details about the raffle on Lindsey's blog.

Thanks for your prayers, sweet friends!



Brooke said…
that has to be so difficult for them! sending up some prayers on their behalf.
RR Mama said…
Going to check it out now!
Praying for sweet baby Brooklyn!

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