"Splish Splash"

(by Bobby Darin) Splish

Recently, I was reminded of this little MISspeak that occurred almost 12 years ago. I may have mentioned a time or two how much I love taking baths. When my kids complain about having to take a bath or shower, my mister teases me by saying to them, "Isn't Mom weird? Her favorite time of the day is bath time!" {At which, of course, they giggle & look at me like I'm the weirdest person on the planet!} That being said, imagine how devastated I was after having been instructed by my OB to abstain from my bubble baths for six weeks after I had my babies!

Which leads me to today's story...

It was a Sunday morning, and I had just met a young lady who was visiting our church for the very first time. She asked me how old my baby girl was, and I replied, "Six weeks today!" Then I excitedly said, "I get to take a bath tonight! I haven't had a bath in six weeks!" The new girl looked at me incredulously as I realized what I had just blurted out. I quickly added, "Well, I've taken showers!!"

Have you ever made such a stinky first impression?



Laura said…
oh my gosh, that is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I haven't disclosed my showering habits to people, but I did say, "OMG! There's boys here!" to Regan the first time we met. (I was telling him the difference between fellowshipping with women in a Christian sorority in college vs. a co-ed Bible study after college.)
Zion said…
We are so alike in the bath thing and I have made the same MIStake when talking about how I "rarely shower" ;)
Lauren said…
that is soooooo funny!!! haha - It sounds like something I would say. I embarrass myself all the time and usually don't even realize it until later! :)
Amanda said…
You are so funny!!! I can completely see this happening! Hilarious!

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