"SYATP Bohemian Rhapsody Parody"

My baby girl went to her first See You at the Pole today! I thought this video was kinda funny ~ & yes, Elly got permission to go! I remember participating in my first SYATP as a high school student in 1990 or 91! It's awesome to see what it has become & the amount of students who participate in praying for their classmates, teachers, schools, leaders, country...

I don't have pictures from the first year or so that we did it at WHS, but I have a couple from my Senior year. They're in bad shape, but I thought I'd humor y'all anyways!

& to go with the old school pics, I've included a couple of songs that were our "theme" for our SYATP in September 1992!

Oh. yes. Beyond cool.

Seriously, though, I thank God for youth pastors like Rick Eubanks ~ who encouraged his students to pray for their friends at their school flagpoles back in 1990. What began in little ol' Burleson, Texas, has now become a worldwide prayer movement that includes over 2 million people in all 50 states & more than 20 countries!



Brooke said…
i love the fashion from back in the day! :)

although i do love even more that we've become a generation teaching our children to pray.
Anonymous said…
That is really neat! Thanks for sharing.
Zion said…
That video was so funny and I didn't know SYATP started in Burleson! Woot! Hooray for Ellie, that is a very special milestone.
Laura said…
So sweet. (Ellie) And so funny. (the video)
Anonymous said…
This is so great! I remember going to only one, unfortunately I slept in a lot of the time and always was tardy for first hour. Bad, I know to miss such a great event three out of four years of high school. But hey, I do have good memories of the time that I did go!
What a *great* idea! I had never heard of this. LOVE the high school photos... too fun! :)

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