"Love Will Find You"

(by Julie Miller) Love

I'm sorry I'm late again! The reason for today's song is that I finally got a digital version of Meet Julie Miller! I've had the tape since 1990, but I haven't been able to get the CD because it's out of print. Over the past 7 or 8 years, I've checked ebay & iTunes every so often. It hasn't been on iTunes & has always been $50 or more on ebay, which is a little over budget for a CD! When looking for the link to the Julie Miller album that's on my top album list, I discovered that Meet Julie Miller is now on iTunes! I was so excited, because I was able to download it for only $10! I think I've been patient enough through all these years, so I deserved to splurge on a little music! All that said, this is one of my all-time favorite Julie Miller songs. I know that her voice is an acquired taste (like Cyndi Lauper's), but the lyrics to her songs are super great!

I know that I've already rambled on long enough about stuff you really don't care about, but I have to share a memory + a random fact that I discovered while reminiscing...A couple of years ago, I talked about when I got to meet Julie Miller. If memory serves me right, I found out she was in town on the day of the concert. The kids were little, and I didn't feel like I could ask someone to watch them on the spur of the moment like that. So, I asked my friend Natalie if she would like to go with me, so my mister could stay home with the kids. In hindsight, I really can't believe I dragged her to a concert for someone she wasn't even a fan of, & I don't even know if I paid her way! {I'm so sorry if I didn't! I totally should have, but I don't recall doing it. Please forgive me for having no class whatsoever!}

Anyways, the most awesome thing happened after the encore...Natalie & I stood by the door where Julie Miller was exiting ~ and when I asked if I could get a picture with her, she ushered me out with her. It was a little crazy, though, because the bouncer-type guy stopped Natalie from exiting with us, so she was stuck inside the venue with our purses & the camera! After a few moments, we were able to get the guy to understand that Natalie was with me, & he let her out! Then, we got to hang out in Julie's RV for awhile. I know it didn't mean so much to Natalie ~ but this had been my favorite singer for 11 years, so it was a huge big deal to me!

OK, so now for the random fact: iTunes is one day older than Cody. Cool, huh? Bear with me while I explain how this relates...While we were in the RV, somehow the subject came up about how much her out of print CDs were selling for on ebay. She expressed that she felt bad that people were paying so much & that she would like to give them away, if only she had some left. As I was remembering that conversation & getting my thoughts together for this post, I got to thinking about why it didn't cross our minds at the time to just have her albums digitized & put on iTunes. Well, apparently iTunes (the application, not the store) was still pretty new (like 1 year, 9 months & 1 day old). According to Wiki, at the time of the conert the iPod had only been out for about a year (it was released in October 2001). There wasn't an iTunes Store until about six months after the concert (April 2003), & iTunes was a Mac-only application for another six months after that (October 2003). You could download songs through Napster before iTunes (it started in 1999), but an artist &/or record company wouldn't have been too keen on that! And although there were digital audio players before the iPod (& Windows media player before ITunes, for that matter), the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003 established the model of selling individual songs and albums. So, there you have it: after chasing that long rabbit trail, the reason it didn't cross our minds was because digital music wasn't really a big thing at the time! {Natalie, you've always been way cooler than I am, so you may have been listening to digital music already! But I was still listening to tapes & CDs on my boombox for at least another six months or so!}

Now that you've read some random digital music history, I'd like to ask a question or two: When did you start listening to digital music? Do you still buy CDs?



Laura said…
Thanks for sharing Julie's song! I had never heard her before.

I first started listening to digital music via Napster! I haven't bought a CD in a long time, but I wish I did because it's nice to have a tangible form of music.

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