"White Horse"

(by Taylor Swift) Taylor Swift - Fearless - White Horse

Today's song has nothing to do with my current life circumstances ~ I just like it! I like all of her songs, actually. I don't have her first album, but I keep thinking I'm going to get it someday. I love how a lot of her songs have a conclusion, ya know? She'll change the lyrics of the chorus just a little bit, & it provides some closure or something. My favorite line of today's song is, "This is a big world, that was a small town there in my rearview mirror disappearing now."

As for my week, I'm so tired that I don't even remember what I've done! Is that sad, or what? I had a garage sale at my friend Jessica's today & yesterday. Enough said, right? That should explain my state of mind! No, really, my week hasn't been too incredibly eventful! Tuesday was my friend Kelli's birthday. (She's one of what I call "my birthday girls".} We took her to lunch at a super yummy Thai restaurant. Amy made scrumptious red velvet cupcakes, & we gave Kelli a cute charm bracelet that will hopefully make her think of us when she wears it! :)

I'm sorry to be so boring this time! I hope the rest of your weekend is super! Good night!



Brooke said…
hope you've been able to rest up from the yard sale!!

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