"One and Lonely (Chick Flick Mix)"

(by Superchick) Superchick - Reinvention - One and Lonely (Chick Flick Mix)

"It's not like they meant to hurt me
Watching TV, checking Britney televised
My guys, checking out her thighs
And I roll my eyes and sigh
It's not like I even need to be competing with unreality TV fantasy
Not for a smart girl like me
Some days it's hard to be a one girl revolution

Sometimes I have good days and it's good to be me
Sometimes I get the best of insecurity
And it's quite alright to be the one and only
But today I feel like the one and lonely

It's not that I don't know beauty is only skin deep
Just the skin I'm in, not the girl within
But one imperfection takes away my grin,
Not that I think I'm ugly, but acne throws me for a backslide
I won't go outside
Makeup can't hide how I feel inside
Some days it's hard to be a one girl revolution


We all have bad hair days
Those nothing good about me days
Just keep moving on, cause they'll be gone
And we'll still be here going on
We have our yesterdays
No lunch cause the jeans don't fit days
Just keep moving on cause they'll be gone
And we'll still be here going on

Sometimes I have bad days and it's hard to be me,
Sometimes I get brought down by insecurity
And I have my days where I'm the one and lonely
But today I choose to be the one and only"

See, I told you there'd be more posts from the new Superchick album! If you know me at all, I'm sure you can figure out that this song is one of my favorites! {If you weren't around during NEDA week or don't actually know me, you can read my story for more on why I can relate to this song!} Before you start to worry about me, I want to let you know that I'm not struggling with insecurity at the moment! Though I can definitely relate to the feelings expressed in this song, I'm actually posting it for an entirely different reason: I'd like to tell you about my friend Lindsey & ask you to consider following her new blog!

Lindsey recently moved to Texas from Michigan (what a shocking temperature adjustment!) with her husband & three beautiful daughters. {Seriously, they're beautiful! Cody even agrees, and he's a nine-year-old boy who wouldn't normally admit that type of thing for fear of being taunted mercilessly on the school playground!} Since her move to this great state, Lindsey has been sending out weekly emails to friends & family that have literally made me laugh out loud (& sometimes cry), and now she is officially a blogger!! She has also written a book that she is in the process of trying to get published. Twice a month, Lindsey is a guest blogger for Karen Ehman (an author, speaker & member of Proverbs 31 Ministrie, among other things). And if you didn't get the hint from today's song, Lindsey's book & blog are about health ~ but not about diet & exercise! Lindsey's story is all about redefining health God's way, which I'm all kinds of excited about! She not only talks about health, but she weaves in great & hilarious stories. She talks about her adorable girls, too! Anyways, Lindsey is a very funny & gifted writer, and I sure hope you check her out!

In the spirit of today's song (& my friend Lindsey), let's stop comparing ourselves & our beauty with others. Let's just know God, love Him & live in a way that glorifies Him! I'll close today with the words of the great band Superchick: Today I choose to be the one and only...



Brooke said…
sounds like i'll enjoy checking out her blog. on my way now :D
Zion said…
Love that song. I was actually just looking up acne treatment (thinking about trying tea tree oil) and then I checked out your blog. Perfect timing to remind me to keep in perspective. I will head over to Lindsey's blog next.

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