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Because you're smart, I'm sure you guessed that this story is about hair. Well, you're right! I'm sure you're thinking, "A MIShap about hair? Like, a bad hair day? Seriously?!" No, it's not about a bad hair day, though I've had plenty of those! It popped up in my memory the other day. So, as usual, I thought I'd share...

I've pretty much always had long hair, and I've caught myself absentmindedly playing with it on occasion. One such time was back in college. My roomies & I were at the airport, where one of them was catching a flight home. We had arrived an hour before her flight (as good passengers were instructed to do) & were just sitting in the terminal. Waiting...

Apparently, I play with my hair when I have nothing to do. So there I was, sitting in the airport terminal, playing with my hair. Usually, I'll catch myself twirling small sections near my face & shoulders, but this particular time was different. I was running my fingers through my hair, pulling it up like a ponytail, letting it drop down, then repeating the process all over again. I'm not sure why, but that's what I was doing. I'm honestly not sure just how long I was doing this annoying behavior, when I suddenly heard a voice behind me saying, "Now that's the most hair I've felt on my head in years!"

Somehow, I had completely failed to notice that there was an elderly gentleman sitting [back-to-back] in the seat directly behind me!! The whole time I was playing with my hair, I was letting it fall on top of his bald head! Fortunately, he was more amused by it than annoyed! But, I must say I was a little embarrassed!

What about you? Any embarrassing airport stories?



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