"Fly With Me"

(by the Jonas Brothers) Fly With Me - Lines, Vines and Trying Times

Sorry, y'all. We've been listening to Radio Disney again. When we put the van in the shop, Chris took my iPod transmitter out. I've just got to put it back in there, so I can listen to my music! I guess I need to write that down on my list ~> because right now, if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done! The thing is, some of that music on Radio Disney is pretty catchy. I find myself humming all those songs quite a bit! Of course, I actually LIKE the Jonas Brothers. But, in all honesty, I didn't pay much attention to them until I realized that I used to know their parents!

We have had quite a productive week! We spent four hours at our walk through at the new house on Tuesday. It looks like it'll be ready in time to close on Friday! I can't believe how quickly this has come together! I met one of our neighbors on Thursday. I have made a phone call to each of the utility companies, but each one handles things differently. I've only managed to completely set up ONE switch! For everybody else, I have to call back within a certain time frame...water on Monday, gas on Friday...Such an ordeal!! Our phone company doesn't service that area, so it looks like we'll be changing our number. Oh joy! The kids met their teachers today, & they walked around the school several times. It seems a bit easier to navigate than their old school, so I'm confident that neither one will get lost on their way to class on Monday!

I completely missed my Blog Anniversary a few days ago. Toot toot! {that's me blowing a party horn!} So, I'm a little surprised at myself for making it a whole year! I haven't blogged as often as I intended at first, but I've listed out my reasons before, & I stand by them!! Except, now I'd add a #5 about packing up an entire house & moving in less than a month, with house guests for a good portion of that time! So, once things settle down, I'll try to blog more frequently. Until then, I'll try to post on Saturdays at least! Take care, my friends! Catch you on the flip flop!


Zion said…
I didn't realize we started at the same time. I am linking to you today so I hope you don't mind. Also one other thing about seabird. The night of the Houston show I got a call after midnight which usually would mean there is some kind of emergency, but no my bro jut felt like he HAD to call to tell me that he got to talk to you guys, and how cool you are and why he is not surprised that we have been friends for so long. Ha ha.

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