"Yakety Yak"

(by The Coasters)

"Take out the papers and the trash
Or you don't get no spendin' cash
If you don't scrub that kitchen floor
You ain't gonna rock and roll no more
Yakety yak (don't talk back)

Just finish cleanin' up your room
Let's see that dust fly with that broom
Get all that garbage out of sight
Or you don't go out Friday night
Yakety yak (don't talk back)

You just put on your coat and hat
And walk yourself to the laundromat
And when you finish doin' that
Bring in the dog and put out the cat
Yakety yak (don't talk back)

Don't you give me no dirty looks
Your father's hip; he knows what cooks
Just tell your hoodlum friend outside
You ain't got time to take a ride
Yakety yak (don't talk back)

Yakety yak, yakety yak..."

Can I just say that sometimes I feel like I have teenagers already? Maybe I'm just tired, but tonight I actually lost it. We've been having a great visit with our friends from England, but the kids are getting on my nerves on a regular basis. It's like we've gone back to having toddlers, and I have to remind them of their manners. They seem to constantly interrupt me, and I have to explain repeatedly to not interrupt while I'm in a conversation. I think it may be doing some good; because Elizabeth wanted to ask Sally something tonight, & she waited until Chris was through talking. But that's only one time out of many.

Also, I apparently know nothing, because they don't listen to any advice I try to give them, & they insist that they know all of the answers on a regular basis. The latest incident is what caused me to raise my voice in front of house guests. It doesn't relate to the song, but the mood as of late does! It was more the result of a culmination of events, rather than the particular incident. Elly was stressing out, because she had set the DVR to record a movie, and it appeared as if it was starting but not recording. I told her to turn the TV on & press record, but she didn't do it. She started to panic about it, and went to the kitchen [apparently to go through there to the other TV, but I had no idea why she was doing it], so I hollered at her (a bit too loudly) to just do what I said. She did, and it turned out to simply be an advertisement saying that the movie was coming up next. But, then she started fussing about it recording twice (which is no big deal). I asked her what she was recording, and she insisted that it was the movie. I knew it was only recording the end of the show that was on at the moment, and sure enough, it stopped recording shortly after that.

The thing is I know that I shouldn't have yelled, and I know that I shouldn't make excuses. Part of my problem is that I need to get more rest. {For some crazy reason, I can't seem to sleep past 7:00 these days. Normally, I could easily sleep until 8:30 on a summer day.} I guess I'm also a little stressed with all that I still have to do before we close on the 28th. And, I will confess that I'm not the most patient person. But, I must say that I know it's not all me. My kids are super great (and I usually don't have much negative to say about them), but they aren't perfect. So there. Maybe I just needed to acknowledge that! I really am so blessed to have them as my kids. I am so thankful that God gave them to me to raise, though I feel like I fail miserably at times. More than anything, I am so glad to be their mom. All that said, I better get some rest so I can be a nice mom tomorrow. Please forgive this grouchy post.


jessica mohr said…
What, are you in my house or something?! My kiddos have been the same way. We will be ok :o)I spanked Jonah in front of a few people tonight- he told them all to leave because it was bed time... and then would NOT tell them he was sorry for being rude. Lol. I would like a kid free break!!
carahinojosa said…

So you must've been one of those moms (like myself) who thought, "My kids will NEVER act like that..." and now, my friend, we have to eat our words!

I'm sorry to say this...but just wait. :/

p.s. I will miss seeing you in carpool.

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