"No Surprise"

(by Daughtry)

Many, many thanks to my wonderful friend Amy for the Daughtry album!! She got it for me as a birthday present, & I'm loving it! (I knew I would, of course!!) I already knew this song, so I've listened to it the most ~ but the other songs on the album are equally as good! I'm sure that comes as no surprise! ;)

Here's a picture of me at Amy's house. She made me a yummy sundae, & her son thought I needed a candle. This was what she had!!

As I promised yesterday, here's a picture of Chase & me on our birthday!

I also got to meet Chuck E. Cheese!

I had a super great birthday week! Jess & I went out for dinner on Wednesday night & shared a couple of desserts. She got me a lovely iced tea pitcher! The kids & I had been stuck in the house all week (because Silvie was in the shop), so my friend Kim picked us up for lunch on Thursday. We went to Chick-fil-A, and she got me a chocolate shake as an early birthday present! Last night (after my fun morning at Chuck E. Cheese's & my afternoon at Amy's), we had our usual pizza & movie night at home. The kids watched a movie in the living room, and Chris & I watched Confessions of a Shopoholic! I got loads of sweet birthday greetings on facebook. It was a great day! I promise I'll post about our anniversary soon!


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