"Let Them See You"

(by Colton Dixon) Let Them See You - A Messenger

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I know I haven't mentioned this at all, but today is the first day of our local mission trip! The kids and I will spend the next few days doing Bible Clubs, home repair, and cleaning up a graveyard. This will be a bit different from the past couple of years, because we're working with an organization who happens to be in the same area where we've been ministering! So rather than doing something on our own, we're coming alongside them. I'm excited!! I would appreciate your prayers for strength (because I'm already exhausted), but more importantly that they will see Jesus in us and that we will rely on the Holy Spirit to speak through us. Thanks! ♥



RR Mama said…
Praying for you and all the youth on your mission trip!
Zion said…
I think that sounds great. I can't wait to hear more

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