"This is the Time"

(by Superchick)

I'm sorry that I haven't been around much lately. Now that it's summertime, I'm hoping to have a little more time to for some blog posts! I'll be working two full days instead of two partial days and one full day, so we'll see...

I was going to post a fun summer song, but was feeling a little more nostalgic this morning. Maybe it's because my baby girl is now considered a freshman in high school {what?!} Or maybe it has to do with  my small group girls graduating. These girls weren't even in the youth group when I started volunteering there, so this has been so weird for me! {Jana, I'm sure it's even crazier for you, since you volunteered there before I did!}

Whatever the reason for my nostalgia today, you really should take the time to listen to today's yet-unreleased Superchick song. The band has been through quite a bit over the last year or so, and the album hasn't been able to be completed. Not to be a downer, but one delay was their drummer's battle with cancer. Unfortunately, he lost his fight about a month ago. You can read more about Chase on his website, and you can read more about today's song on Max's SoundCloud. Here are part of the lyrics, though...

Ask anyone whose time is up
What they'd give for what you've got
And how they'd live your life

Live like your life's worth dying for
You just walked out that prison door
And you'll know how to live your life

This is the time

Good stuff, huh?

On a lighter note, I'm about to watch What a Girl Wants with my baby girl! Yes, it's a movie for teenagers, but I still like it! {I guess my volunteering with teenagers for the better part of the last 20 years has resulted in a bit of immaturity at times, huh?} This movie has one of my favorite lines ever (& is yet another sign of immaturity, I suppose):
Dude, it's chocolate. Need I say more?



Brooke said…
i submit to you its not a movie just for teens. my evidence? two words - colin firth
Zion said…
Oh my. I didn't realize that. How sad about the drummer. I saw them in concert a long time ago, I think it was a different drummer, but even hearing about Super Chic takes me back!

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