"Come Just As You Are"

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I received this beautiful treasure in the mail yesterday:

This Bible belonged to Mama Beth, Christopher's mom, who passed away shortly before we got married. His sister's friend Jessica has had it all of these years, and she came across it while going through some things recently.

After opening the package, I excitedly paged through the Bible only to discover that she hadn't written in it. Though I was still very happy to have the Bible, I was disappointed that it wasn't all marked up! It is quite worn, but it is not written in. I didn't look at every single page, but I flipped through it several times in hopes of discovering something.

I decided to use it for my quiet time with the Lord this morning. This may seem silly, but I asked Him to show me even a little mark, asterisk, or something. And He did! I went to my favorite book and discovered a few markings in John 4:

The story of the Samaritan woman is such a beautiful picture of God's acceptance, forgiveness, and the satisfaction that can only be found in Him. This woman was obviously searching for something/someone to fill a need in her life. And knowing that she is living in sin, Jesus offers the her eternal life. He doesn't tell her to change before coming to Him. {And He doesn't expect you to change first, either, because He is the one who does the changing!} The story goes on to show that she believes in Him. And because of her testimony, many other Samaritans believe in Jesus, the Savior of the world. There are a lot of other things to be learned from John 4, but I just love how plainly this story shows that Jesus wants you to come just as you are. ♥



Thanks for sharing Amy! Not needing to change before coming to Jesus has been on my heart recently too and yes, John 4 is a beautiful picture of that.

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