"Don't Blink"

(by Relient K) Don't Blink - Collapsible Lung

This has been another good week! And it was an especially super week for high school softball in three towns that were/are a big part of my life. Not that anyone really cares (except for possibly RRMama & Jack), but the one where I grew up made it to the state championship game, the one where my baby girl is about to attend made it to the semi-final game, and the one I graduated from won state (& their baseball team is headed to state in a few days)! How 'bout that?!

As for the rest of the week...

We spent Memorial Day at my brother's house, where my kids enjoyed swimming with their cousins!

I celebrated National Macaroon Day with Jana & my little friend Caleb! I was working, so they brought macaroons {& coffee} up to the church!

On Friday night, we met Dan, Amanda, and their kids for dinner. We got to introduce sweet Evelyn to the empanada place:

Isaac had his own seat, but he chose to share one with Cody for awhile! :)

And one of these days, I'll start carrying my real camera around again so I can take better pictures...

As for the song, you know the drill...I'm a failure at blogging these days, and I'm also a failure at providing an accurate song. But Relient K's new album releases one month from tomorrow, so I thought I'd share this new song with y'all! :)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ♥



Amanda said…
Can't wait to do it again!!

We had so much fun!
Zion said…
I love the pictures. I can't believe what a young man Cody is! Crazy! For the record I don't know if it's just me, but for whatever reason I could not comment or watch either of the videos on your last blog. I tried multiple times :( I did want to say that your info about the meniere's disease and switch at birth thing has helped me learn a lot more. Have a great week.
sounds like a great week, amy! awesome to have friends that deliver macaroons and coffee to you! :)
Jen Price said…
I had no idea there was a national macaroon's day! Fun!
Brooke said…
what cute kiddos!!
RR Mama said…
Oh yes don't think I haven't been keeping up the all the baseball play offs going on, especially college playoffs.

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