"White Fences"

(by NEEDTOBREATHE) White Fences - The Reckoning

I almost forgot about my Saturday post! We spent part of the day with my mom & G, then we went to see my uncle at Dad's house. We got home & started the bedtime process before I remembered that I hadn't posted anything today!

I had several great days in a row this week: Christmas Day, the next day with all of my brothers, and Christopher's CLEAR SCANS the following day!!!!!!! Then we spent the next evening with Amy's family, eating delicious soup & leftover Christmas sweets! :)

Before that was another bit of greatness...I got an incredibly exciting package in the mail on Christmas Eve:

It was full of home videos that we haven't been able to watch in many years! We got a new video camera around the time that Elizabeth turned five, and it didn't play the type of tapes we had before. We had around 15 videos {yes, I realize that's a little extreme} that we haven't been able to watch in all of that time. Groupon had a super great deal that allowed me to get all of the tapes transferred to DVD for around 1/3 of the usual price! I didn't think they'd arrive before Christmas, though, so I was quite happy with the early present! We stayed up way too late watching some of them on Christmas Eve. But it was totally worth it to see their adorable little personalities! ♥ And I had forgotten how sweet their little baby sounds were! We have footage of both of them laying there cooing, and I just want to reach inside the TV and squeeze them one more time. Sorta bittersweet, I suppose. But I love it, even if it does make me miss those little babies. I plan on watching several more of the videos before the kids go back to school!

Alrighty, I better get to bed. I posted today's song because I wanted to, not because I listened to it the most. NTB sent it in a Christmas email, & I realized that I had never posted it. I hope you enjoyed it! & if you didn't listen to it, you should totally do so right now! ♥



Praise God for those clear scans!!!! That is so neat that you were able to turn those tapes into DVDs... so fun! New Year's blessings, Amy. So grateful for your friendship. xo
Zion said…
YAYYY! I could totally appreciate a present like that.

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