"My Favorite Things"

(by Julie Andrews) My Favorite Things - The Sound Of Music - 45th Anniversary Edition

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Most of the moms from my MOPS table came over for a Favorite Things Party on Friday night!

We enjoyed great conversation & some of our favorite finger foods {& a yummy punch with instructions that made us laugh!}:

As for the favorite things part...each lady picked their favorite item {$5 limit} & brought enough to share with the rest of the girls.

{The items that weren't wrapped ~ or were wrapped in cellophane ~ were hidden under the "brown paper packages tied up with strings". I was totally going to try to incorporate a few more items that are in the lyrics of today's song, but that was the only one I accomplished. Fail.}

One of the Jessicas is from Germany, and she was unable to attend the party. But she sent her favorite thing anyways: yummy goodness from Germany + a Starbuck gift card {for a Pumpkin Spice Latte}!

The other items were equally super...leg warmers, wristlet key fob, lotion, nylon pan scrapers, magnetic notepad & pen, and items that one lady always has in her purse: lip balm, Advil, & tissues! :)

It was so much fun!! I enjoyed the part where we exchanged items, but I enjoyed the fellowship even more. I really have a wonderful group of ladies at my table! :)
{We missed you, Sal & Jessica!}

If you were coming to my Favorite Things Party, what would you bring?



RR Mama said…
That is a great party idea! Glad you had fun.
Laura said…
What a great party idea!
Zion said…
That looks so fun. I can't believe the leg warmers were under $5 score! I wish I was a part of that!
Oh my gosh... love this 'favorite things' idea!! How fun!
Amanda said…
Great idea!!!

Hmmm...I would have to bring chapstick, Reeses PB Cups, and maybe a cheap notepad and pen to make lists!! You know how we love to make lists!!
Brooke said…
how does one wear leg warmers these days without lookig like an 80s reject? i have a pair that are super cute, but i can't bring myself to wear them

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