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It has been quite awhile since I've posted something in my:

I'm not real sure whether this story fits in that category or not, but I'm telling it to y'all anyways...

I was sitting at a red light after leaving work this afternoon when I realized that my A/C wasn't working. Since it's the time of year when I'm constantly switching from A/C to heat, I made sure all of Silvie's settings were right. After realizing that they were correct, I decided that I should roll down the windows a little.

Just as I got the green arrow, I saw a spider crawl inside my van along the window frame right by my head.

I had to go, because someone {Wade, actually} was behind me. But I could see the spider in my peripheral, and he seemed to be getting closer & closer to me. I took a better look at him & noticed a red dot on his back, so I decided to pull over & try to kill him.

I opened the door & jumped out of the van, but I couldn't find him! Wade {being the good friend/boss that he is} stopped to see if I needed any help, and I explained what was going on. He got out to help me look, but he couldn't find the spider either. I told him about the red dot, and he asked how big the spider was & the shape of the red spot. {It was more of a dot, not an hourglass. In case you care...}

We both noticed a new silky thread descending from the ceiling and into the shadow beneath my seat. We watched as a teeny tiny spider landed on the floorboard. I laughed & said, "I promise that's not it! It was way bigger than that. And fuzzy!"

He seemed to believe me, because he kept looking in Sylvie's front seat & underneath. He pointed under my brake pedal & said, "You lost your phone there. Was that during the spider freak out?" :D

Sadly, we couldn't find the blasted thing. But I made it home alive! And upon further investigation, I think it was a Jumping Spider. Apparently my life was not in danger! ;)

UPDATE FROM ELLY {about 24 hours later}:
Mom went into Target and I was waiting in the car. I was singing along with the songs from my mom's iPod when suddenly...the spider appeared on the A/C controls right next to me. I watched it crawl around and was trying to figure out if I should bring my foot up and stomp it or what. I looked around then saw Mom's metal water bottle. I grabbed the lid and screwed it on so it wouldn't spill then strategically found when to strike. I hit it and it fell into to the cup holder so I watched it a little longer. I looked down and realized my stuff was on the floor where it was heading. I picked my stuff up and waited for the spider to crawl into a better position. I hit it and it fell to the floor where my stuff had been. Then I went ape on it and kept smashing and smashing with the water bottle. When I knew it was dead I called Mom and told her. She said she was almost to the car and wanted to see. I showed her it was squished on the floor in tiny pieces and she said,"Aww! I wanted to take a picture of it and show Wade!"


P.S. Silvie's A/C started working, but only on full blast. Which I pretty much never need, because I'm usually cold. :/


LOL I would have totally pulled over and searched for that thing too! xo
Brooke said…
spiders don't scare me. mice and snakes? terrified!
Zion said…
That's funny! I like Ellie's update and about how she went ape on it. Were you a little defensive about having two spiders in your van? I would have been like, where the heck are all of these spiders coming from?

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