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With all this excitement regarding my baby brother lately, I was reminded of a little story from 20+ years ago. So I thought I'd make him the focus of this edition of:

For a little background information...most of my life, I had wanted to be a big sister. When my dad married Lorna, Ivar was already four. That was certainly better than nothing, but what I really wanted was a baby sibling. Sadly, my step-mom miscarried when I was in 5th grade. I was so sad about the baby passing away that I cried myself to sleep many nights. After that, I thought I would never have a baby brother or sister. Then to my delight, they got pregnant again a few years later! Aaron was born when I was 13 years old, and he was my baby.

As I explained on his birthday a few years ago, I took care of him when he was little (because I wanted to, not because I had to). I would carry him around wherever I went. I'm not sure if Dad & Lorna liked the fact that I did this, or if they thought I was spoiling him & would have to undo the damage I had done every other weekend! Either way, they let me tend to him, and I loved it!

One thing that I did from the time he was born was sit him in a little seat in the bathroom with me while I would put my makeup on & fix my hair. {Again, not sure how his parents felt about this...! I just wanted to be with him every second possible. Is that weird?!} One day when he was a toddler, I was in the living room when I heard him cry out in pain from the bathroom. He had burned his little fingers on my curling iron.

Obviously, I felt horrible about leaving it where he could reach it. He had no idea it was hot & was probably just trying to copy me. I doctored him up & soothed him as best as I could. A little while later, I followed him to the bathroom where he reprimanded the curling iron quite sternly! He pointed his little finger at it & (in his adorable little toddler voice) said, "No! No! Hot! Bad!" How cute is that?! ;)


P.S. I picked today's song for a couple of reasons, & just wanted to point out how creative I was with the choosing. Hot Hot Heat + "Bandages"...see how I did that?! ;)


Brooke said…
we use to curl my cousin's (a boy, 3 years younger than me) hair. today asking him why he didn't protest, he said he was afraid we'd burn him if he moved b/c his hair was so short!
Zion said…
Zion burned his hand on my curling on really bad and he was only around 8 months :( I felt terrible.

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