"The Name Game"

(by Shirley Ellis)

Cody had to write a story about how he got his name. I got to thinking that I had never shared the story with y'all, so it seemed like it would be fun to share it on a:

First, I suppose it would be fitting to explain that Elizabeth was named after Christopher's mom. I mentioned before that Mama Beth passed away shortly before we got married. She was an amazing woman of God, and we wanted to honor her memory & her legacy by naming our daughter after her. Brandy, Christopher's sister, also wanted to name her daughter Elizabeth. We came to an agreement that we could both have Elizabeths; we would just call them something different. {As it turns out, Brandy had four boys, so we never ended up with two!} We gave our baby girl my middle name, since Mama Beth's middle name was the same as Brandy's. When her baby book asked for the meaning of her names, I discovered that Elizabeth means consecrated to God and Renee means born again.

And for Cody's name, here is the story in his own words:
This is the official written account of how Cody got his name, Cody Dean! It all began with my great grandpa, Kenneth Dean. Kenneth named my grandpa Keith Dean, who named my dad Christopher Dean. Before my mom and dad even had me, they always thought my name should start with "C" but make the "K" sound. So they thought of Cody, but when they looked up the meaning of Cody it said "cushion". My mom and dad had the idea of other names like Caleb, which means faithful. But they still enjoyed the name Cody. Finally, when my parents looked up the meaning of Cody somewhere else, they found "servant" or "helper", and Dean meant "leader." They thought that servant leader was a good pair of meanings to have your name. Then on January 10, 2001, I was born with the name of Cody Dean.
All I'd really care to add to his story is that we really wanted his name to mean something great, since Elizabeth's was pretty super!

While I'm on the subject, I'm sad to say that there's not much of a story behind my name. My parents considered the name Jamie, but one of Mom's cousin's was naming her daughter that. {ftr, we've never met, so I don't think there would've been an issue...} My brother's name is Kerry, which is a super great blend of my parents names (Karan & Jerry). But me? I'm not named after anybody at all. And yes, I've given my parents a hard time about it for my entire life! It really doesn't bother me, but don't tell Mom & Dad! ;)

Just for fun...how'd you like to have this name?

or this one?

So...tell me about YOU! How did you get your name?



Brooke said…
fun stuff! :) i love names with meaning. i think "Brooke" came from the credits of a TV show or something equally random. "Elizabeth" was my grandmother's middle name. Most all the kids she had (there were 9) used at least some form of "Grace Elizabeth" when naming their daughters. but that's why when i got married i wasn't okay with dropping "Elizabeth" and taking my maiden name as my middle name. (in the end, i hyphenated and jay hates it!)
melissa said…
My dad is a fan of the Allman Brothers, so I was named after their song "Melissa" . . . gotta love that 70's music !! I was given my middle name after my great-grandmother, an amazing, godly woman . . . her name was Anna, but my parents shortened it to "Ann" for my middle name.
That is so fun!! I am not sure how my parents named me, really, but now I want to ask! I know my middle name comes from my aunt. :)
Zion said…
I never knew all that. Cody is a really good writer, I love it and I absolutely love that meaning, servant leader! WOW~

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