"Beautiful Things (Acoustic)"

(by Gungor)

I'm about to head out for the first day on my new job! But before I do, I thought y'all might like to know who won my little Gungor giveaway...

Baby girl drew a name for me:

& the winner is...

Yay, Brooke!! Let me know if you'd like it digitally, or if you want the actual CD. Or if I need to hand deliver it. {that might take awhile!}

I hope y'all have a super great day!!



Brooke said…
i'd love it digitially. please and thank you. :)
Jen Price said…
Ooh, looks like I missed a great giveaway. I love Gungor!
Zion said…
Yay Brooke! I am sad that I didn't sign up, but I'll be a good sport and say she deserves it ;)

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